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Why donate to the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy?

Trauma holds people back from experiencing their full potential.  It can lead to addiction, health issues, risky or dangerous behaviours, poverty, and subsequent experiences of abuse. 

Through counselling, people are able to deal with these traumas, learn coping techniques, heal and recover.  Healing through therapy allows people to more easily pursue their goals, become educated, maintain employment, and contribute positively to society.  Therapy can also end generational abuse cycles by enabling better parenting and relationship building skills. 

Trauma recovery can result in positive self-esteem, improved relationships, increased ability to understand, express and release emotions, relief from physical symptoms, staying grounded and in the present, a greater sense of control, heightened self-awareness, self-discovery, improved sexuality and greater peace of mind.

When you donate to the Centre, you are helping people to recover from past traumas and abuse and live more productive lives.   

Trauma therapy can sometimes span several years, which can help survivors of all kinds of trauma and abuse to not only survive, but also to thrive. Please join us in helping these heroic individuals.  Your donation will help those who need support but may not be able to afford therapy even with the sliding fee. 

Donations can be e-transferred to or you can use the link below to donate through Canada Helps.

“Your past, nor present circumstances do not determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” ~ Nido Qubein 

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