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Counselling > Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a priority to the Centre. The Centre does not reveal the names of clients to anyone. Your therapist will have no contact with your family, friends, or anyone else, without first getting your written permission to do so. Your therapist will then follow your instructions as to what you wish them to be told or not told. It can usually be arranged for you to bring a family member/friend to one of your sessions if you want to, but talk it over with your therapist first.


Your therapist can further explain the current legal status of client files. When the information revealed in therapy is the subject of court action, your therapist may be subpoenaed into court. If you are anticipating any court action, please discuss it with your therapist before any court action is initiated. Any action to protect the confidentiality of your files must take place before a subpoena is issued.

There are some legal restrictions on therapeutic confidentiality. All therapists have a legal requirement to breach confidentiality to protect individuals at risk of harm.  If your therapist identifies a need to breach confidentiality, efforts will be made to engage with you through this process.  

Confidentiality Must Be Broken by the Counsellor If:

  • If there is imminent risk of danger or harm to self or another identifiable person.  

  • A subpoena is issued by the court.  

  • If there is suspicion about the abuse or neglect of a child. 

  • If there is any disclosure of abuse by a regulated health professional. 

  • If there is suspicion of abuse or neglect of an individual in in a care facility or another individual identified as a vulnerable adult.  

  • A client reports that they are at risk of suicide. Medical support will be called if there is an immediate concern about suicide.

Confidentiality of Other Clients:

Please also remember to respect the confidentiality of other clients and staff at the Centre. The names of our therapists, the office phone number and address, are public information. Anything else you see or hear at the Centre is confidential. Do not tell anyone else about any other person you meet, or see, at the Centre. If you meet someone you know at the Centre (acquaintance, friend, partner, family member), you must remember that information is confidential outside of the Centre.

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