Upcoming Educational Workshop: Attachment & Trauma: The Closer I Get, the More Dangerous You Look

Date & Time: 
October 29, 2010 - 8:00am - 12:00pm
Octave Theatre 711 Dalton Avenue, Kingston, ON

Thank you to everyone who attended this educational workshop, featuring speaker Julie Darke

We all have attachment styles which shape our responses to people close to us. The attachment styles typically associated with people with traumatic histories pose particular challenges for the development of healthy relationships in adulthood and therapeutic relationships with counsellors and therapists.

This workshop examined how attachment develops, how it is affected by childhood maltreatment, and how it is reflected in adult relationships.

Understanding our clients’ attachment styles can help explain intense emotional reactions in relationships, including the therapeutic relationship. Understanding our own attachment styles helps us avoid exacerbating insecure attachment and increase our clients’ sense of security. Participants had the opportunity to consider their own attachment styles and the implications for their work.

About Julie Darke:

Julie is a psychologist with the Personality Disorders Service, Providence Care, Mental Health Services. She obtained her degrees at the University of Western Ontario, the University of New Brunswick, and Queen’s University. She currently focuses on group work with the Chrysalis Program and in the community. Consultations and education are primarily related to working with people diagnosed with personality disorders, especially Borderline Personality Disorder, and related areas such as self-harm, dissociative processes, trauma sequelae, and sexuality and gender.

She has worked for many years with survivors of trauma and has been active in the community with equity-seeking groups and organizations. Julie’s current research is evaluating the benefit of a mindfulness group and its relationship to dissociation. She is a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and the Canadian Psychological Association.

Thank you Julie for Presenting at this Event!