The Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy sponsors The Effects of Trauma and Abuse in our Community Conference

Date & Time: 
May 30, 2008 (All day)
St Lawrence College, Kingston

Several local professionals joined us for our inaugural conference titled "The Effect of Trauma and Abuse in our Community". The aim of this conference was to bring together many aspects of trauma and abuse recovery, while demonstrating the importance of our community agencies working together to help survivors heal from the various manifestations of recovery. We were fortunate for our very first conference to have obtained a keynote speaker with information about the prevalence of one of the most severe forms of traumatic childhood abuse, children who have been tortured and sexually abused in the making of pornography.

Keynote Speaker - Julian Sher

Julian Sher, a renowned investigative writer, has authored five books that have sparked public debate, forced governments to review cases and have spawned TV shows and movies. His latest book, One Child at a Time: The Global Fight to rescue Children from Online Predators, goes behind the headlines to show how law officers are fighting back against a tide of abuse, from daring rescues in homes, to the seizures of millions of dollars in the offshore bank accounts of the porn merchants. The Internet has helped make child abuse images terrifyingly common. There are likely hundreds of thousands of children whose sexual abuse has been electronically recorded and distributed on the Internet. This important book explores the ramifications of a worldwide struggle, from the need for updated legal powers to the unexpected effects the Internet has had on our social fabric. Though sometimes harrowing, this book is also inspiring – and never less than absolutely relevant. Julian Sher is a recognized expert on the justice system and crime. He is the creator and webmaster of the top-rated JournalismNet. He carried out investigative projects for the New York Times, The Toronto Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star. He is an award-winning documentary TV producer and has media clients around the globe. He has filmed, written and produced major documentaries from all across the globe. For an overview of his books and his many other achievements visit his website:

Thank You to all Presenters

In addition to thanking Julian Sher, we would like to thank the many presenters who donated their time to present in their areas of expertise:

  • Janet Pearse - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addictions: Implications for Treatment.
  • Dr. Johnny Yap - Men, Masculinity and Surviving Sexual Abuse.
  • Dr. Sian Phillips - Attachment and the Impact of Trauma for Children
  • Seonida Andrews - Not all parents love their children: Traumatic bonding in abusive families
  • Tracy Riley - Working with People who Self-Injure: A Sixty-Five Minute Primer
  • Ric Cox - Youth, Substance Abuse & Trauma
  • Dr. Irwin Altrows - The many sources and manifestations of psychological trauma.
  • Dr. Rob Rowe - Abuse and its relationship with female antisocial behaviour: Fact vs. Fiction.

We would like to extend additional thanks to St Lawrence College for donating the space for this event. As well, we would like to thank again the many volunteers who helped to prepare and organize this conference. Materials from the conference are available below.

Men, Masculinity, & Surviving Sexual Abuse - Johnny Yap2.5 MB
Working with People who Self-injure: A 65 Minute Primer - Tracy Riley149.17 KB
The Many Sources and Manifestations of Psychological Trauma - Irwin Altrows135.33 KB
Not all Parents Love their Children - Seonida Andrews19.45 KB