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Criminal Injuries: Compensation for Survivors of Abuse


What is Trauma? A Short Video

Clients Travel Long Distances for Therapy


The Second Mile Urges Donors to Give Elsewhere

The Second Mile charity is urging its donors to give money to charities that support victims of sexual abuse. The charity has been rocked by the scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, a founder of the charity who has been accused of sexually assaulting and abusing several young boys.

Sexual Abuse is Not a Hip Topic

Sexual abuse is not a hip topic. It doesn’t involve a sudden catastrophe; no one is counting numbers of the wounded on the news. It tends not to be discussed around the water cooler. It is a cause that seems to raise money quietly, from those who have been affected or know someone who has suffered.  Perhaps to talk about it means we have to face the reality that it exists. Acknowledging sexual abuse reveals the fact that we all should be doing more to help the victims.

Support the Centre with a Simple Letter

As the Centre continues to receive a number of referrals from other agencies in the Kingston and surrounding area, we continue to receive feedback that our services are valuable and greatly needed.  We appreciate the feedback, and are hoping to formalize these responses through letters from organizations that see value in what we do.

3 Pitch Tournament Supported by Kingston Businesses


The Centre is pleased to announce The Mansion, a Kingston bar and restaurant, has become a premium sponsor for our Sept 24th 3 Pitch Tournament. Mansion will be providing a number of items and services for the tournament:


Companies that Care - UPS Canada’s Generous Gift

Recently the Centre received a generous donation from UPS Canada of $500. UPS decided to give to our cause because they are a company that is dedicated to strengthening their communities and helping those in need. UPS has chosen to recognize and assist the Centre’s endeavors.

FAQs about Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

Why do people use them?

People use these drugs to alter the mental state of their victim, causing the victim to become submissive. The drugs often have no color, smell, or taste. A victim does not know they are being drugged, yet they are removed out of clarity of mind and easy to take advantage of.

Depression & Child Abuse: What’s the Connection?

When a person is depressed they may look at the world in a negative way. This is usually referred to as pessimism. To the person suffering from depression, getting up every day hardly seems worth the trouble, they feel sadness, lack energy, aren’t interested in everyday activities, and feel helpless and hopeless. Battling depression is hard enough in today’s world, and people may become pessimistic in order to avoid feeling any kind of disappointment in their lives.

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